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Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster

Years of Teaching and Learning

Dentistry is a craft which must be experienced. It requires dedication, perseverance and muse - and at the same time a persistent willingness to change, and personal development. This interplay of single-mindedness and patient learning is characteristic of my professional life.

I found my dental home in Muenster. I started a laboratory and training centre called "Enamelum et Dentinum" in the centre of this powerful city in 2004. Before I established my office, I had two years of travel in Europe and abroad.

I spent eight years working as a dental technician at a dental practice in Rahden. One thing I learnt there was to work both for people and with people. I laid the foundations for my professional life in a variety of different commercial laboratories, beginning in Lübbecke.

I believe that dental technology, with its aesthetic and practical aspects, is inextricably bound with working together with people. It's all one thing. As well as my work at the laboratory every day, I also write articles and do specialist consultancy and development work.