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Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster

Give Time to a Moment

Exceptional craftsmanship is not our only unique quality. We love to work with people, and try to understand their needs. Working with patients is not, however, a standard part of the life of a dental technician. We know the significance of beautiful and functional front and side teeth which do not look like replacements, to one's quality of life and personal well-being of our patients. We live our profession carefully, passionately, with dedication and joy. We bring maximum performance to every patient.

"It is man alone who can achieve the impossible; he can endow the moment with permanence." This quotation from Johann Wolfgang Goethe's hymn "On the Divine" from 1783 expresses man's ability to lend permanence to a beautiful moment. To us this means working closely with our patients, conducting structured analyses, having discussions, listening, asking questions, recording important facts, taking photos, understanding, and producing results. We want to help our patients experience joy and happiness because of their new teeth, giving them the confidence to smile without worrying and eat in comfort.

This is the goal we set ourselves every day, working side by side with our dentists to endow the moment with permanence.