andreas nolte enamelum et dentinum

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Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster

Teeth are highly complex structures in shape, colour and function. They have a complex interior structure that gives them depth; different light gives them a different look. They often look like pearls, with a precious shimmer in the light which gives the impression of permanence.

In order to be able to reconstruct this, we need to know and understand the complexities and details which are responsible for their appearance. Fine detailed ceramics allow for a detailed layer structure, which can recreate natural beauty.

Caption: Cross-section of a natural tooth

We are guided by the "form follows function" principle. Function determines the form of the tooth. The right tooth form is the basis for a tooth's appearance. It all works together. This requires a systematic process and skill to solve each case individually.

Aesthetics are extremely important. Function is dominant, however, as each individual tooth serves a specific task, and works in a complex interplay with all teeth, the muscles and temperomandibular joint.

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