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Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster Andreas Nolte - Dentallabor Münster

Our laboratory is called "Enamelum et Dentinum." This comes from the Latin, meaning 'enamel and dentin'. Enamel and dentin are the natural tooth substances which must be skilfully replaced with highly aesthetic dental ceramics.

Enamelum et Dentinum is located in the old baroque "Beverfoerder Hof” in Muenster. The Beverfoerder Hof is about 300 years old, and is a model of the early Baroque style. This had to be a representative office and an important grand entrance.

Here we live our dental dreams.

Enamelum et Dentinum stands for beautiful teeth which resemble those in nature. Beautiful teeth which do not look like replacements make an important contribution to a grand entrance!